“Yellow Roses,” released Jan 25, 2019

Produced by Peter Ferguson, Copyright 2019 Bri Murphy

Copyright 2019 - Produced by Peter Ferguson

Copyright 2018 - Recorded live at Pine Hollow

THINGS we'd rather not say - RELEASED MAY 2018




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“Bri Murphy's upcoming LP Things We’d Rather Not Say is an antidote to the daily darkness we encounter, with the album's delicate melodies balanced by the intense honesty of its lyricism, Things We'd Rather Not Say allows the listener to experience the beauty of this poetic singer-songwriter. “ - The Daily Country

"Bri shined with her flawless, soulful voice." -PennLive

"Promising young songstress." -PledgeMusic

“You can see it in Murphy’s eyes as she delivers each lyric with her warm, honeyed vocals—she means it.” - For Folk’s Sake

"Bri is a spectacular musician with a drawing personality." -Photos and Life

"..folksy-Americana sound cultivated by Murphy’s raw vocals that seemed to be mindful of each and every note and riff." -The Spectator

"Bri has the type of voice that makes you stop what you are doing and listen." -Producer Eli Beaird

5/5 star album review from The Murfreesboro Pulse



  • Played violin for Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill at the 2013 CMA Awards in Nashville

  • Opened on tour with Eric Burgett for Charlie Worsham and Chris Stapleton in 2013

  • Received Master's degree in Classical Violin Performance from Belmont University in 2014

  • Toured internationally with country-rock band Mustang Sally on fiddle and BGVs in 2015

  • Embarked on solo project and released first EP, "Throw Down My Heart," in October 2016

  • "Throw Down My Heart" named a semi-finalist in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition

  • Performance on WDVX Blue Plate Special radio show in Knoxville, TN (March 2017)

  • "New and Noteworthy" artist on NoiseTrade (June 2017)

  • Featured performance on WSM's "Opry Tonight" at the Grand Ole Opry (August 2017)

  • Released, “Things We’d Rather Not Say,” first full-length album, in May 2018

  • Played over 100 shows in 2018 as a completely independent artist, including Blue Plum Festival and SoFar Sounds Indianapolis

  • Premiere of music video, Wait For Me, on For Folk’s Sake (August 2018)

  • January 2019 Breedlove featured artist





Live in studio, May 2017 / Copyright Bri Murphy 2017, All Rights Reserved


With two pianists for parents, Bri Murphy has been making music since before she can remember. She started playing violin when she was four years old, and since then picked up piano, mandolin, guitar, French horn, and a little bit of banjo. Bri was born and raised in northwestern Wisconsin, but she has strong roots in Tennessee. She spent her childhood summers eating okra and sweet corn in the Tennessee countryside. Many of her favorite family stories center around Uncle Jimmy, who owned the Uptown Club in the notorious original Printer’s Alley.

Bri moved to Nashville in 2011 and has since shared the stage with artists from Chris Stapleton to Tanya Tucker, and has toured all over the U.S., Canada, and Japan. She took a break from the road in late 2015 to pursue her solo career and teamed up with producer Eli Beaird to record her debut EP, “Throw Down My Heart,” released in October 2016.

"Throw Down My Heart" was inspired the way so much art is inspired: by heartbreak. But it wasn't the traditional heartbreak; it was the heartbreak that everyone who moves to Nashville to pursue music experiences but no one ever talks about. She said in an interview with the Leader Telegram, "A lot of those songs...came out of my touring experience ... and the feelings of loneliness, and also the pressure that it puts on relationships and people back home. As a professional touring musician...it’s easy to make it look fabulous on social media, but the reality is you’re sleeping three to four hours a night, and you’re constantly on the road.”

Finding herself as a solo artist has been a healing process that has allowed her to blossom as a young songwriter and artist in Nashville. The title track from her EP, "Throw Down My Heart," was chosen as a semifinalist in the 2016 International Songwriter Competition. Bri has plans in 2017 to record a full-length album with a more focused, acoustic sound, featuring her fiddle playing. Producer Eli Beaird remarked, "Her talent goes way beyond her years, and I’m excited to see her develop into the amazing artist she clearly is.”


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